This is my maiden voyage! This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to lose weight but it will definitely be the last! A little bit about me i’m a 26 year old photographer living in Texas. I have an amazing life a wonderful husband, 8 sweet furbabies and a lot of wonderful friends! I will say I haven’t always felt like my life was going well, in fact until about 3 months ago I was committing suicide. I know that seems a little harsh but it’s true. To understand where I am now you have to know where I came from. Growing up in Texas in the south was great our family, like many others in america, centered our social and personal lives around food. I noticed the older and older I got the less and less we ate at home because of time restraints. Sonic, McDonald’s, Arby’s and Little Caesars became staples in our household, and before I knew it I was fat! I was always pretty active in school i played sports and participated in tons of extracurricular activities. When high school rolled around I had been ridiculed because I wasn’t pretty, I wasn’t smart and I was heavier (it didn’t help most girls in my school wore a size 0 and i thought i was huge wearing a 8) I found i would seek approval from others on a daily basis and tortured myself to be more attractive. When high school hit i realized I was a little overweight and my junior year I lost 50 pounds through TOPS and was a state winner in my age division! That summer I went on the road for 2 months with The Troopers a drum corps group from Casper, Wyoming. Days were jam packed with working hard, running, dancing and learning routines. I came back from that summer, leaving a size 14, tan and a size 8! I looked good!!! I will also say i went Vegetarian for the that summer and i accredit a lot of it to that plus the exercise. My senior year was a little more difficult that’s when I realized I was an outcast though I lost a lot of weight and looked awesome i was still being ridiculed (public school can cause so much trauma). After highschool I was in a slew of bad relationships and my insecurities were numerous from years of verbal abuse. Needless to say i fell into a deep depression. Traveling through life like an empty shell consuming more and more everyday. When I turned 21 I had already dropped out of college twice, because of depression and the truth behind those fields of work, I did finish cosmetology school that year though. I gained 40 pounds that year I was in school, from the long hours and stress, and the world of a hairstylist is full of food and partying, well at least it was for our salon. I was lucky enough to meet my wonderful husband in 2008, while on lunch from the salon with my boss. I know this isn’t an excuse but you know the term fat and happy? Well that’s what happened when I met my now husband I weighed 250 pounds! Wow! That’s not the worst of it, we started dating in January me weighing 250 by summer I was at 260 by christmas I was at 270! Flash forward a year and a half to May 14, 2011 our wedding day I weighed 350lbs :(. I’m tearing up now just thinking about the fact that I let myself get like that. I topped the chart on November 2012 at 353lbs my highest weight ever. I was so depressed not with my relationship but more that I had let myself get there. I knew how to fix the problem I just wouldn’t do it. I remember going out to eat with people at chilis ordering a triple dipper eating half so i didn’t seem like a pig, then eating the rest of it in the car on my way to little caesars where i’d buy 2 $5 pizzas. There were days I would consume over 10,000 calories. I was so disgusted with myself it had gotten so bad I had to turn sideways to get through some doorways. There would be times I was yelling at myself while shoveling crap down my throat. I would cry while eating a whole bag of oreos in private, no one knew what I was doing to myself all they saw was that I was getting bigger.Working got so hard on me I couldn’t find clothing that fit, I couldn’t stand for longer than 5 minutes, I couldn’t hardly walk (i waddled), I had so many problems with my health, i quit jobs and put my family in financial burden because we couldn’t make as much as I could eat I was so depressed. There were many times i’d find myself driving and think if I just ran my car off the road i’ll no longer be a burden on my family. There was even one night It got really bad I had a loaded 9mm up to my head for a good hour and by the grace of god I had a friend who i hadn’t heard from in so long time call me at that moment to catch up. She saved my life and she never knew it. I spent so many years being selfish and it finally got to the point where I saw healthy people around me getting sick and I knew it was time for a permanent change! Flash forward to January 2013 we started by going all organic including our meats and educating ourselves about the food industry. We came across a few documentaries that I feel everyone should check out:

Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead – watch for free on hulu

Super size me –

King Corn –

Farmaggedon –

Food inc. –

Forks over knives –

Food fight –

Hungry for change –

Food Beware –


Earthlings –

All of these are eye opening and life changing. My husband and I made the decision to go Vegan in January as well a decision we will never regret. I find I eat a lot better I feel amazing and I now have energy where I didn’t before. I lost 23lbs in january, 10lbs in february and as of 03/26/2013 im down 47 lbs!!! I have 7 pounds before I reach my first real milestones 50 pounds lost and under 300lbs! I have been working out religiously because I have the energy too I think i’m starting to like it! I entered a like contest on facebook to win free entry into a 5k obstacle run that’s on April 6th and I won! My hubby and I will be running the T.H.O.R. together and i’m super excited but also super nervous! My plan is to run more 5ks so far this year we have thor on may 25th there’s ths SHAPE Diva Dash in Fort Worth I will be attending (hopefully with some girlfriends) and then I will be protesting Monsanto in Dallas and the only other one i’ve signed up for is my sister in laws, who was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma in December her blog is http://www.faithandlymphoma, , which is in June and I plan on being able to completely run the 5k in under 40 minutes. Some of the exercises i’ve been doing lately are Insanity as of today i’m on day 2 whew! I also do Zumba, Turbo Jam and I downloaded the Couch to 5k app and do that 3 times a week i’ve been averaging between 1.5 and 2 hours of intense exercise everyday resting when my body needs it of course! This is truly a lifestyle i’m living now and i’m loving it!!! I will say if you have problems with accountability do what I did join a few weight loss or health groups on social media sites like facebook you can discuss what you are doing with others and get motivation and also learn you aren’t the only one who has bad days! I also do a thing called DietBet you pay between 10-50$ and you have 28 days to lose 4% of your body weight  if you do at the end everyone who reached goal gets to split the pot! I joined a BeachBody challenge as well. Losing weight and eating right is a constant struggle in this day and age with all the crap they peddle on tv. I’m glad I woke up before it was too late 🙂 If you are having problems starting just think in a year you’ll have wish you started today (if you’re still around). If you have a healthy story to share i’d love to hear it!!!

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