To me a Vegan is someone who helps to give a voice to beings that cannot directly communicate our language. What should I expect people are killing others because of their religion, heritage, skin color, hair color and economic status. Should I expect more out of a country or world who has lost it’s grip on humanity? I say it’s time to educate people i’m almost positive you don’t pay attention to what goes into your mouth. My husband works at a restaurant and the other night I went up there and drank water and ate chips and salsa till he got off. What I saw around me was repulsive! A family of four was seated in front of me at a booth, an larger male, a larger female, a younger chubby female and a chubby child. I watched them all order sodas and 2 appetizers, 4 entrees, alcohol and a dessert here’s a rundown of what they consumed:

16 chicken wings (2 blue cheese dipping sauces and 2 ranch sauces)

a large bowl of spinach and artichoke dip and salsa (had to have a refill of chips)

A 12oz steak with shrimp opted out of veggies for a loaded potato

a giant hamburger with bacon and cheese and mayo and extra fries

a chicken plate with chicken cheese bacon and shrimp no veggies but french fries

and the child got mac and cheese and a hamburger

they consumed 12 sodas between them and one had 2 alcoholic drinks

they topped the night off with a giant brownie smothered in chocolate and ice cream

As I looked around me this was the typical scenario it made me want to vomit and I respect my husband so much for working around that everyday to keep veggies on our plate! if you look at that that means at least 8 chickens had to die, about 2 or more pounds of cow, 10 shrimp had to die, a cute little piggy had to be murdered for their bacon bits, not to mention the poor momma cow who was forcibly impregnated and her baby ripped from her and killed for veal just so you’d have something to dip your dead chicken in and all the butter and who knows what else. To think this is a typical American meal at a restaurant so many poor lives lost for a meal for one family.

I became a Vegan for the animals. The weightloss and great feeling I have is just a perk!! Poll time!