Ok so i’m proud and not proud of this post. I will be posting my weight, measurements and before pictures of me in a sports bra and bathing suit bottoms (not for the faint of heart ahhaha). Sorry I don’t like my before picture and sadly that’s after losing 40 pounds but hey I don’t ever want to and will never be there again so here goes nothing. Today is day1 of our juice fast. We plan on doing 14 days but if I see great results I will continue to do it for longer. My juice recipe I made for breakfast you can find here . My day thus far, I woke up feeling a little groggy (who doesn’t), I made mine and my husbands juices for breakfast andhis lunch while he did Insanity, When he went to work I did my round of Insanity (and I actually feel pretty good today). I’ve been struggling to get this first glass down for two reasons green drinks mess with my mind I think i’m drinking mold and i’m a little nervous about the outcome. I’ve been reading other people’s journeys there’s a woman named Celia Leigh who is the author of http://juicefast.com she’s into day 10 of her 60 day juice fast and she’s already down 14 pounds!! and a few inches all over. I’m super impressed and it just fuels me to try and stick to it. I have tried juicing in the past without much avail. I believe it will be different this time mainly because I eat way more vegetables and fruits than I have in the past and I try to stay away from proccessed foods. As i’m writing this I realize the taste is getting easier to drink. I have a few goals i’d like to acheive with this fast, the obvious is lose some weight, better complextion, improved skin viability and less dryness, more energy and less mental fog. Ok now on to my stats:

juice stats

So since my scales like 4 pounds off I actually weigh 306 but I just go with the highest number! My stats are sad 😦 but I know this too shall pass!!! Ok now on to what i’ve been dreading sorry in advance for my fatness 😉


Wow that’s hard to look at I can’t believe I let myself get here it’s disgusting. 😦 Oh well today’s a new day and I will never see that body again! I’m having to remind myself to drink lots of water today. I’ve drank half my morning juice and i’m a little hungry, so I put it in the fridge so it would be cold enough to drink. I still have energy which is a plus I may actually get my 2 workouts in today! If you’d like more info on juicing please visit fatsickandnearlydead.com or Juicerecipes.com. Ok so this is how I fel almost everyday sluggish, headaches, ravenously hungry, tired, foggy, dizzy, weak, sore and dull. I’m hoping these change over the next 2 weeks and if they do I will continue to juice as long as I feel it improving my life



Happy Juicing Everyone!!!