I have struggled in my life to find what I would like to occupy my time doing. I find i’m always unhappy in my career fields even now my photography seems more like a hobby than a lucrative business. As I start to focus on my health I start to delve into nutrition specifically Holistic Nutrition. It’s something that fascinates me that we all don’t know this information. I’m currently trying to save well one for our trip to Colorado in 2 weeks and also so I can become certified as a natural health and holistic nutrition practitioner. I would then like to go on and earn my Masters in Holistic natural health and nutrition and maybe one day my doctorate. I want to help people I know how I have struggled with, and still do, food addictions, emotional eating, binge eating, stress eating and many other disorders and I want to give others a fighting chance like I feel I have. My husband is also leaning in a career path similar to this.

This juice fast and my constant facebook ramblings and postings has me thinking. Why do people defend these things even if they can see the evil and greed in industries such as the dairy, veal, slaughterhouse, vaccines, monsanto and the medical industry? It makes absolutely no sense to me Doctors don’t have to take as many nutrition classes as a vet does. When was the last time your doctor asked you what and how much you were consuming? they probably didn’t because the fda regulates the food which helps regulate the pharmaceuticals so if they feed you crap with toxins you’ll get sick, and when you get sick guess who you have to turn to to help you “get better”. Pharmaceuticals. It’s sick really how are food we eat, the air we breathe and the water we drink all causes problems that one industry controls both sides of. If you think i’m stupid or crazy that’s fine. But I urge you if you see what i’m saying to evaluate what you are consuming. We live in the supposed best place on earth with the most freedom and we use that freedom to be filthy, fat, glutinous, lazy, needy, whiny, dependant shells who have no respect and no concern for what we are doing to ourselves or the environment. It’s so terrible that I implore you to write down what you’re eating and then go research those foods I guarantee what you find will be shocking and will change your life!! It changed mine. There are things in your food that if you know would chill your blood it’s disgusting.

It’s time we start educating the masses about the severe issue of poor nutritional choices. In america where we have the right to eat what we want then why not eat something that makes your body, heart and mind feel good? Why not consume to live not live to consume? Why not choose to have a longer healthier life? Is our nation really so far gone with plastic and “magic pills” that it can’t be saved? I sure hope not I want my children to be comfortable in the world they live not afraid that they may be denied a good source of organic food all because some big wigs *cough* *cough* Monsanto wants freaking strawberries to be able to grow in colder climates so they “modify” its dna with an arctic fish. It’s so awful and people just turn a blind eye. I am more surprised by the amount of people who don’t care when I tell them what stuff is made from, like the clearish coating on skittles is actually made out of the reproductive glands or excretions from a female bug!!! Gross oh my gracious that would be a total deal breaker! OK! Well enough ranting for one night the whole point of this post is to state I will be going to school in the nearish future so yay!