Well I survived yesterday got 3 workouts under my belt but only drank 1 juice. I broke down and ate an apple and orange last night. I didn’t sleep well so I think a nap is in my near future. Other than being tired and cold (what’s up with this weather?) I feel pretty good. Im just slightly groggy, I have some energy, I have a slight headache and a weird taste in my mouth. I made a new juice today thinking it would be better, well i’m just not so sure. Todays juice only has watermelon and tomato. I think the tomato is what’s throwing me off to be honest it like my husband says “tastes like watermelon and feet” haha. I told him last night though I was over juicing yesterday I will still attempt to do it till the end of day 4 and if I see no results and still hate the taste then i’ll give it till day 5 and i’ll quit. Hopefully it won’t come to that and i’ll find a juice I enjoy! I did get a little hungry last night around midnight waiting on my husband to get home but I ate an orange :/.

Everyone else who has been doing this fast are doing great no real complaints about what they are drinking. I have a very sensitive palate now and can taste everything and some of the flavors are a little too strong. I think for lunch I will try a juice with more fruit in it to ease myself into all of this.