I am super super super excited! My Wonderful husband is taking me to Colorado for my birthday! Well we leave in 15 days!!!! I have been hesitant on figuring out where we were to stay and what we were to do because of the weather and our lack of funds. I have finally found a free campsite!! So a free campsite that we can have a fire at where we can cook (if we aren’t still juicing). We have also been talking about going to the cave of the winds and doing a lantern tour and riding their bat zip line thing and possibly doing the wind walker course. We are going to go to the Garden of the Gods and are planning on visiting an animal sanctuary for rescued farm animals. I hope while we are there I get to enjoy some good Vegan cuisine! Ok so nix the free campsite apparently in all my joy I forgot that this campsite was in the middle of nowhere (cue the dueling banjos). So after so careful deliberation and number crunching we will be staying at a paid campsite. We will also be looking for potential places to live! I am nervous about going it’s a long trip i’ll be away from my babies for almost a whole week :(.

I am so excited about this journey to a new place! I hope to find some yummy veganess and some cool stuff along the way I know our days will be filled with nature which I love and fun at night!