Well this should be day 4 but sadly it’s day eat food. I approached this thing all wrong. I got one glass of juice down the first day, by the second I started my womanly monthly and that sent my taste buds to a whole new playing field and I threw up my attempt at juice on day 2. I didn’t drink anything yesterday and was so weak I could barely move until my husband made me get up out of bed and took me to eat something. I feel like an absolute failure. I am trying to stay afloat right now there’s just so many ups and downs in my life that it’s a constant struggle it seems and my excuses become more and more. I have a few things weighing on my mind right now that I feel is hindering my progress. I have a grandmother who has been in the hospital struggling, I have my first 5k obstacle that no one but my husband will be there to support (at least family wise and that i am soo nervous about that i lose sleep), My diets been great up until this week and my weight loss has stalled I haven’t eaten or worked out and i’m afraid that i’ll never reach my goal, I have so many things I need to get done and no motivation or ambition to achieve them and I’m scared downright terrified of the future. Before this week I felt so strong like I could accomplish anything and now I feel like a beaten down shell of a human. I feel like i’m going nuts!!

I’m a little on edge this week an I still feel like crap but it’s ok I just need to pick myself up and dust myself off and tell myself it’s a new day and not give into the self doubt and destruction. On a lighter note I have decided to give it another go by starting slow I will still be drinking juices in the morning and next week I will try my hand at a 10 day fast again hopefully I will yield better results!