Well i’m gearing up to run my first real run tomorrow it’s the Texoma Hellacious Obstacle Run or THOR for short. I am so nervous so much it’s caused me lots of problems this week. I started my monthly *bleh*, I didn’t workout as much as i should have, I didn’t eat like I should have, I haven’t’ slept like I should have and I have been letting my stress take over. I do now have quite a few people cheering me on and I hope I can finish but i’m terrified i won’t be able to finish the race :(. I did go out today and for the first time in 10+ years I jogged a mile it took me 16 minutes but I jogged a mile without stopping! I am proud of myself even if this time sucks all I can do is get better. I have had a bad week of self doubt and i’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up a steady running pace without my music haha. I’m really starting to enjoy running, it’s such a stress reliever! Though the presence of this big race looms over my head like a cloud. I think I can finish it I’m almost positive someone from a later heat will lap me and that will be slightly depressing but then again how am i to know that what will happen? I am very proud to have my wonderful husband running with me tomorrow. I can’t stress how nervous I am I get really anxious before anything that seems important like my first days of the school year, before an extracurricular activity, the night before I start a new job or do something i’m excited about, before I go on a big trip and obviously my first race.

I plan on finishing in under an hour hopefully, fingers crossed but if I don’t then I just hope to complete it. I am working on mine and my husbands shirts right now for tomorrow. We will be repping it for VEGANS everywhere. I hope to one day look back on this and be like psh I don’t know what I was so nervous about I got this! I will be posting pictures of tomorrow and my thoughts on how everything turned out hopefully tomorrow evening (if i’m not dead)! To morrow is gonna be THORTASTIC!!!! To check out what this race is about please check out www.wfthor.com or head over to their facebook at facebook.com/wfthor.