As most of you know yesterday was my first ever race. It was a 5k obstacle course ran in my hometown. I had some severe reservations about it like being afraid i couldn’t finish etc etc. All in all it wasn’t terrible but it was freaking hard. I am so glad I had my husband there with me if it wasn’t for him I might not have finished. I have grown accustomed to my music when I go running so not having something that helps me keep pace was difficult and my husband at my weakest point started singing Justin Timberlake’s Suit and Tie 🙂 gosh I love that man!  They released heats every 20 minutes we went at 10:40am. The very first obstacle is slide down your but on soapy wet tarp to which my fat butt slide all the way down and into the mud getting already covered in mud on my backside. Next time I will not wear all cotton. Jog a little further and it’s onto obstacle 2 which was 2 metal fences you had to climb over, not too hard considering I have to climb over something similar when my dogs decide to get out of the yard and act all crazy. Up and over to another long jog then onto a “maze” you just dart in and out and i think there were tires? haha I can’t remember. A good jog to the next obstacle which was the over under 4 1/2 foot tall overs was a little hard at first till I got the hang of how to throw myself over (I was glad to hear more in shape people had problems on it too). Next a good trek up and down hill through a wooded area to a larger water slide and once again an unholy amount of mud all over my backside. When I got to the slide I said how much I hate slides and the guy holding the water hose said hey go down on your front and I said yeah like thats less scary. Jog, jog, jog and we come across a “troll cave” it was just ankle deep standing water that stunk 😦 but it was easy. Onto another small trek to a free standing bridge called highway to heaven or something and of course I HATE bridges I avoid them if possible and to make matters worse I was holding up traffic luckily for me there were some really nice people behind me cheering me on! Down more hills to an area where they gave us water and we had to stand in line to climb the 12 ft rope wall and come down the other side. I tried I didn’t have enough strength to pull myself up so I went around and waited on my husband and cheered him on. A guy who was in line was being mouthy to all the people going around the obstacle saying they were pansies, when I saw him on the other side of that wall he told me good job at least you attempted to do it :). Onto the rope bridge its a solid rope on bottom with side ropes and you had to balance all the way across over the water or you could have gone through the water but getting up that steep hill seemed difficult. There was excuse my language for this a douchebag on the rope bridge with me I was obviously terrified and having a very hard time and while one guy behind me was offering good advice which I tried to follow the other said and these are exact words so I will quote him “This fat bitch doesn’t know what she’s doing and i’m going to knock her off” and he proceeded to jump up and down causing me to almost lose my balance and fall the 4 feet below. I was so nerve rattled by the time I finished that that I went behind a tree and started puking :(. The same guy who jumped I think felt bad so came by and said good job keep up the good work. Well another trek to a mud crawl which was easy. Then there was another wall climb this time with just a rope I attempted but alas couldn’t do it. Onto the pit which was filled with what seemed like old film tape haha it was like trying to walk through masking tape. then we had to climb over a car and over a spool and under a spool and over a car. There was the balance logs which I tried but after almost slipping I just jumped in the shoulder high water below. More running and some walking to another maze which was easy and onto the tornado which was just large round things you had to crawl through and more mud. Then we were down to our last 2 obstacles the final mud crawl which my husband dove head first into, I may have laid down in the middle for a second haha. Onto our final obstacle a man in a swamp boat on the river blowing us back as we trekked through the river it seemed so intimidating at first but by the time I got there I was like bring it on this was the easiest part! Then all I had to do was make it up the hill to the finish line where I was met with hugs and kisses and lots of pictures! I am so proud I finished though I am so sore I can barely walk today 🙂

I had a friend ask me my thoughts on the race but I could only use  15  words. My response was it was really hard and I had mud in places one should never have mud. 🙂 Though i’m so sore today I am looking forward to my next obstacle run in may and hopefully I will be better prepared for it. I do have some pictures to share of my experience so here it goes!


Us before the race started 🙂


Can you tell i’m super nervous?


as we are reaching one of the last obstacles the mud pit!


Getting down and dirty!!


Me crossing the finish line!!! It took 2 hours but there was a 30 min delay at an obstacle and a 10 min late start!


Me and the hubster after all dirty!


I am effectively wiped!!

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