I hate to say this but OWW!! After completeing my first 5k I was a little, well a lot sore!! It was so much fun I have decided to dedicate one weekend a month to 5ks!! My husband after giving him the puppy dog eyes said yes up to $150 a month on races!!! I think it’s awesome that instead of me using puppy dog eyes to get the last scoop of ice cream, i’m using it for entry into a race I have to train for and it makes me feel alive! If you have never done an obstacle 5k YOU SHOULD. It is one of the most fun, amazing feelings to finish those you feel like you’ve accomplished something! So far I have a few races I will be attending:

May 4th- 5k for Kooper in Wichita Falls, TX (we are doing the 1 mile fun run)

May 11th- Gladiator Rock N Run in Dallas TX

June 8th- Run for Rosie 5k

Nothing for July or August yet

September 28th- The Jailbreak in Dallas TX

and my husband may be doing tough mudder in dallas on his birthday Oct 27th I will not that;s my goal for next year

Some i’m looking at but not sure if we will do yet:

Run or Dye Dallas on June 22nd


Color Me Cooper in Dallas on Novmber 2nd

I’m so excited and want more of my friends to join the world of obstacle and 5k color runs they are awesome!!!