Well I’ve been MIA for a while but it’s with good reason. I am still on my weight loss journey, I just haven’t been hitting it as hard as I know I should have. With that being said I got a cold brush with reality yesterday. You know when life is going great and everything is just perfect? Well I had that feeling and then all of a sudden BAM!!!! I feel like I’ve been hit by a train! A few days ago I noticed my little kitty Hendrix was breathing funny so I called up a good friend and she helped me take care of him and he seemed to be doing better. I checked his gums around day 4 which would have been yesterday and they were white which meant there was something really wrong so I did what any person would do and took him to the vet. This is where my day headed south I knew exactly what she was going to tell me when I got there that he had a plueral effusion I just didn’t know what was causing it. I opted for a Feline Leukemia test which came back positive :*(. Now a little back story on Hendrix he was born from a feral mother who may have passed the disease to him. I still remember the day my husband brought him home he was too little to be away from his momma but he was healthy and every night he slept on my chest. He was my baby I could hold him like one, he came when I called him and he even gave kisses. He was the best kid/cat a person could ever have and it’s so unfair that his loving life was cut so short. I am very thankful for wonderful friends who help me even though some don’t understand my attachment to an animal. I miss him very very much I even accidentally called his name earlier looking for him and looked up to realize he wasn’t there and burst into tears. I feel like me life lost a little piece joy when he died. It hurts me even more to watch his big brother/ partner in crime so sad he just walks around looking in, under and around things meowing and sitting in his old spots. It is breaking my heart to watch. One major issue though is our big cat gabriel could contract the disease also so we have to get him tested. I am afraid though he is giving it to our cats because his sister had it and died, a cat we got 2 years ago from the humane society contracted it and died (but he died from liver failure) and now kitty I hope he’s not a carrier or the problem and that he’s healthy I can’t take much more heart ache. I’m not sure at this moment in time I could ever own another cat no one will ever compare to my baby he was loved he’s still loved and missed very much.


Here’s a picture of my sweet boy RIP HENDRIX you will be missed!

Now onto weightloss ooooooohhhhhhh! I have a 5k coming up on June 8th and I haven’t ran since THOR AAAHHH!!! So if it’s not raining tomorrow and I can get the strength to get out of bed I will go running. I have to say it’s really hard to want to workout or eat well when you are depressed but sometimes you just have to make the best of things. I have put my photography business on hold sort of it seems now I have more business how crazy. I’m also in the process of getting all my things in order to launch my website where you can buy all kinds of handmade/handcrafted wonderfulness including things for everyone like clothing, home decor, toiletries, vegan products and possibly even some yummy vegan gluten free items so be on the lookout for my launch pos hopefully before the summer is over 🙂 (which is never in texas). On that note I am off to spend the rest of the day finishing picture editing and mother’s day crochet projects!