As I write this I have been crying. Sometimes life gets hard and hard for no reason. I hate to say this summer I have not worked out once! One because it is so damn hot here in Texas that I don’t want to don workout clothing and tennis shoes when all i want to wear is shorts, a tank top and flip flops. Along with the heat came some unexpected problems. It’s been slow going at both of our jobs so money’s been really tight which causes stress and lots of it. Our ongoing stress makes us very unwilling to do things we know we should like eat healthy. Though I haven’t gained any I am not losing and have noticed a lack in muscle tone in both of us. Though not something anyone likes to admit we have problems I suffer from depression and my wonderful husband has been overwhelmed with anxiety among other things. We have been doing research on what causes these things in us and I have come up with a routine I hope will help us in the long run. We have suspected for sometime now that my husband has a gluten intolerance but as some know gluten free foods can be rather pricey and when you are living on not enough money that’s hard to do. We have fallen into a perpetual lazy cycle buying processed food instead of cooking healthy meals. We did last week make most of our meals but it was so expensive we quickly reverted our ways. Today was the last straw! I am tired of being tired and feeling bad about myself and depressed and I am tired of seeing my awesome husband have so many undue issues. Through my research I have come across a few things that make sense to me and being against big pharm I want to try and help ourselves naturally.

The first thing I learned was since most of us don’t get the nutrients we need the lack can exacerbate symptoms of fatigue and other ailments. So I have been scouring the web for a vegan multivitamin and zinc and b12 supplements. I also learned that EMR which is electromagnetic radiation which is put off by electronic devices can be harmful in concentration among other things. This means limited TV, internet, ipad and cellphone time only music is allowed. I had been hinting to him for a while we should try meditation because of the wonderful benefits and after reading another article about it decided it shall be included in our daily routine. Last thing i will mention is the gluten free I feel it will be beneficial he has done well on one before so we are giving it another go.

Our Daily Routine Mock UP

*Wake up time around 9am

*Then before anything else we workout for more than 30 minutes


*Take supplements

*Then we have free time to do whatever till lunch

*at least 30 minutes of meditation

*No EMR till 6p (so a good 5 hours with nothing turned on)

(We will be following a Vegan and Gluten Free diet and Organic when possible)

I will be monitoring our progress and we are trying this for one month or at least documenting the change that can happen in one month but I am also going to have him and myself keep a daily journal that we will write at the end of every night so as to rightfully document the changes made. I really hope this helps improve ourselves, our lives and everything in general. I hope through this we come to a better understanding of what we need to make an importance in our lives and what we do not. I know it’s a stretch but I hope this works for the sake of me and my husband. We are planning on starting on the first sort of a clean slate plus we already have groceries bought till then.

One of the big things I have been dealing with is my infertility (well it’s not official but if you have unprotected sex for years and don’t yield a baby there’s gotta be some factor i’m missing) I have watched 20 count it 20 people this year alone get pregnant. While I am absolutely tickled pink for them I can’t help but be saddened and it doesn’t help that a majority of the people that are pregnant are younger than I am. It makes me feel like an old spinster with cobwebs in her cooch. It is especially hard when I get the semi constant questions “when are you going to have kids?”, “wow you’re how old and you don’t have a child yet?”, “But you have been married for almost 3 years how can you not want a child” or my favorite one “don’t you know if you wait any longer you will be old parents who can’t do anything with their kids.” OK! Now I don’t like having to answer these questions because A) It’s none of your damn business and B) We know what’s right for us. With the questions above my most typical answers are “someday”, “Not everyones a baby making factory”, “I do want a child more than most people who have children want a child but until I feel like I can truly take care of myself and know what I am doing is right and have ideals that are unwavering and can be a beacon of truth, honesty and an good example for my children then I am waiting” or “We want to enjoy our time together and it’s harder for us to get pregnant” and last one “So apparently being closer to 30 makes you old yes I will prob be head of the pta because I am so much older than all of the other moms *rolls eyes* but age does not determine the amount of love and things you can do with your child”. I am tired for having to answer to people about the decisions I make! On a lighter note I tend to forget my woes about children because I already have 6 pretty bomb ass fur babies!